A unique oracular experience, the Divini-Teas are held by Las Cruces Pagan Pride Day council members to help raise money and awareness for our cause.

These events include intuitives from the southern New Mexico area who will be present to bring you clarity related to your questions. Tea is served in High Tea style along with foods that are a fusion of traditional tea party fare and seasonal flavors.

Please check our Local Events page for the latest Divini-tea event near you. El Paso will occasionally be hosting these events as well.

For info and tickets please e-mail the Divini-tea Coordinator Starla S.



Note: this project has been put on hold due to various factors, but we're still working on it!

Interfaith Calendar

Courtesy of Frank Villasana's Pancho Villa Photography of El Paso, we will have a beautiful interfaith calendar available at a time yet to be determined.

Each month features a different religious path, ranging from Eclectic Paganism to the Hindu and Buddhist religions. The purchase price will be between $15-20, depending on the size of the calendar (two sizes will be available). All proceeds will go toward paying off current bills for PPD and/or contributing to the coffers of the next event.

Below is the Kemetic Orthodox (traditional Egyptian) page for August, 2010:


And a modern Hierophant:

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