"Return to the Goddess"
Dancers perform as various Goddess aspects from around the world.
Presented each year at PPD by Sa'rah, Spirit of the Nile, The Eternal Dancers
and friends.
(Dance names are used for the performers.)


Sa'rah as GAIA, the Earth Mother
(wearing her hand-crafted River Goddess mask).


Aztec Goddess of Love and Agriculture.


Jennivere as BRIGIT,
Celtic Goddess of Home and Hearth.


Azadeh as APHRODITE, Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.
(Also known as Venus in ancient Rome.)


Zamira as the lioness SEKHMET,
Egyptian Goddess of Healing and Protection.


Emma Rose as KALI, a Hindu Goddess
who tramples the Ego and elevates the Spirit.


Asiyah as Q'UAN YIN, Asian Goddess
of Compassion and Forgiveness.

Dahlia as ISIS, the Egyptian Mother-Goddess
also known as Queen of Heaven.