"Return to the Goddess"
Dancers perform as various Goddess aspects from around the world.
Presented each year at PPD by Sa'rah, Spirit of the Nile, The Eternal Dancers
and friends.
(Dance names are used for the performers.)












Sa'rah as the Goddess Diana (L) in 2009,
and as Gaia in 2010 (R).





Zamira as Hathor,
Egyptian Goddess of Love and Music.



Azadeh as Pele,
Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and Passion.



Elizabeth performs a traditional trance dance as E-lisse,
A Middle-Eastern Goddess of Healing.



Baraka as Parvati
Hindu Mother-Goddess of Love and Nourishment.



Dahlia as Isis,
Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Motherhood.


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