Photos from PPD 2010
Young Park in Las Cruces
Thanks to Victor Gibbs for most of these photos.


Entrance and food drive for La Casa.


Event Coordinator Sabine Whitley and
Vendor Coordinator (and Iraq war vet) Mahonri Telles


A sculpture dedicated to the concept of Tolerance
is a permanent park fixture.


Altar Walk: display of faiths and traditions.


PPD Co-Coordinator Sarah Heartsong and the
Shrine of Remembrance in honor of the ancestors.


Entrance to the Shrine of Remembrance

Kids Realm with clown and balloons.

One of the Proctor boys (there's three of 'em) oversees the NMSU Pagan
Student Union (PSU) Booth.


Park overview with vendors.


Mahonri Telles displays his woodworking skills.


Singer/composer Celia Farran on the main stage.


Celia in her comedic persona, the Trestlefoot Fairy.
("Ladies, you know what I mean.")

Sa'rah, Spirit of the Nile as Gaia in the
Return to the Goddess show.


Trickster presides over Closing Ceremonies.


A "community basket" is woven with ribbons
of prayers and wishes.


Sabine (R) is presented with a hand-made tapestry
in thanks for her hard work as Event Coordinator.


A spiral dance begins...


... and spirals to the conclusion of yet another
successful Pagan Pride Day!


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