Pagan pride day

inagural event
Saturday, October 13, 2007
Las Cruces, New Mexico


Pagan Pride Day Draws Crowd for Inaugural Celebration
Estimated 300 attend festival of religious diversity

Photos by Ginette Novello, Entertainment Coordinator

Veteran's Park in Las Cruces.

Colorful booths displaying their wares were plentiful!


Toni Harper of Natives and Nomads performs a sword dance
accompanied by the drumming of two troupe members.

An Altar Sampler

of various traditions


Main Altar for Opening and Closing Ceremonies




Kemetic Orthodox Altar (traditional Egyptian)
with emphasis on ancestor veneration


Celtic Wicca Altar


The Shamanic Path








Italian Strega Altar


The following photos are from the "Return to the Goddess" show in which dancers enact a Goddess meaningful to them in dance, under the direction of Sa'rah, Spirit of the Nile. Sarah also presented her Return to the Goddess show at PPD 2009 and will be performing at the 2010 event.

Patricia as Maia, Greek Goddess of Spring.

Tawnya emerged from the seafoam (green veils) as Venus.

Emma as the Hindu Goddess Kali-Ma with Her garland of skulls
(shown here in the public/group dance at the end of the show).
Her performance was a fantastic fusion of Rave and bellydance styles!

Azadeh as Isis

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