Photos from the 2011 Pagan Pride Day Event
Young Park in Las Cruces, NM

Many thanks to PPD Press Coordinator, Frank Villasana,
for these photos he took as the Shadow Man at this event!



The Main Altar just after Opening Ceremony
as the event gets under way.



A dragon drops by the Children's Realm
(Checking out the appetizers?)



The Altar Walk display presented a variety of religious traditions.



The Veteran's Altar honored both our living and fallen soldiers.



(L) Marissa, Stage Event Announcer
and Sabine Whitley, PPD Event Coordinator



A Native American flute player.



Singer and songwriter Celia Ferran graced the stage
yet again this year at PPD.



Tom's Ten Plus One drumming group is always a hit!



Dahlia performs as the Goddess Isis
in the Return to the Goddess show.



A panel discussion group on various religious traditions
concluded the day's stage events.



A variety of vendors were present for shopping...



And shopping...



And more shopping!



Vendor Coordinator (and Iraq war vet) Mahonri Telles
dilligently supervises his domain.



A henna design from one of the vendors.



A set of enchanting masks on display.



Divination pendulums.



Wood-carved altar pieces by Mahonri Telles.



Sarah Heartsong drums the call for the Closing Ceremony.



"Cakes and ale" are shared.
(Non-alcoholic apple cider and multi-grain crackers.)



The Community Basket (R) is prepared for additions.



Participants tie ribbons of intent on the Community Basket.



Loving hands and loving hearts!



The Staff of Leadership is passed by Sabine to Victor Gibbs,
our new PPD Event Coordinator!



Honoring our vets at PPD.



Quarters are dismissed.



The traditional Spiral Dance begins...



And concludes yet another successful PPD event!


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